Generally, the word ‘Mugu’ is a Nigerian slang that is usually used to refer to someone who is regarded as a fool, foolish or one who has been deceived and totally taken in by another who regards himself as being smarter than the supposed ‘mugu’.


Bringing this to the context of relationships, we herby ask, who is the Mugu?


The truth of it all is there are no ‘Mugus’ anywhere. The Guy or woman you call ‘Mugu’ is sometimes the person who loves you so much to the extent of doing very ‘stupid’ things without even realizing it….

Sometimes I get really very irritated when I hear girls call men who do nice things for them Mugu… He calls you up every minute of the day to find out what you are doing, he remembers to send you recharge cards credit which you never use to call him, he buys very nice clothes, wants a nice hair do on you, loves your family like his, and even ready to play by your no sex rule… Yet, you ignore him for your so called boyfriend who never cares if you exist.


He flashes your line and you call back, you are his ATM, chef, laundry, and his sex machine. He calls you a bore in bed after subjecting you to rigorous exercises in the name of satisfying his insatiable libido and worse still without protection. When he finds out that you are pregnant, he finds a flimsy excuse to leave you and you go through hell trying to kill your child. He comes back after a while to ask for your forgiveness and you accept him and start the process again. He is never ready for marriage, even though he has a steady job. Who then is the ‘Mugu’?


A lot of girls have lost life time opportunities in the name of this ‘Mugu’ saga! They love their darlyn boyfriend so much because he probably dresses well, speaks well and loves sex a great deal. They forget that those qualities do not keep a marriage… If perhaps, you find a good man who does not dress well, you can teach him and tush him to that level you want. No one is perfect in the long run…


Guys, you are not exempted. You call her ‘Mugu’ because she is always at your beck and call, she is respectful, humble and homely, honours your mother even more than hers, takes care of your siblings, helps you a great deal financially, yet you spend all the money she gives you on a girlfriend who you are trying so hard to impress, the one who wants money, money and more money, the one who treats your family like thrash..When it’s time for marriage, you call her old. Mr, didn’t you know how old she was before you started dating her? What taste are you even talking about? Why did you stop her from getting married if you knew she wasn’t up to your taste? She has become a ‘Mugu’ because you have seen big boobs and fine ass. You forget that beauty fades with time and does not keep a marriage…


Stop this ‘Mugu’ thing today so that you don’t become a ‘Mugu’ in the long run. If you don’t appreciate a man or woman’s dress sense, accent, or physique, then leave them or their pocket alone. Another person will love him that way. Who you reject is actually another person’s king or queen!

 Let the reason you love anyone be genuine…Marriage is serious business!!!! Shine your eyes…




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