Sexual ImmoralityWhen the BIG BROTHER AFRICA SHOW is finally over and all those who have participated, exposing their nudity and committing immoral acts in public to the full glare of the whole world, walk on the street, they automatically become role models unto your children, cooperate bodies will endorse them awarding them contracts worth of millions of cash just to appear on their brand; governments across Africa will make them ambassadors; the religious homes will organize a special thanksgiving for them; they suddenly become heroes for appearing nude on TV..

You encourage your daughters and sons to brace up for the next BIG BROTHER AFRICA SHOW, motivate them to enter into the competition, but condemn the prostitutes and those who dress provocatively in public. You tell them how the life of those wearing clothes exposing their nudity are condemnable and how such people will perish in hell. But because huge cash is involved if they participate in THE BIG BROTHER SHOW, exposing their body it becomes “just a competition” and as such nothing is wrong with it so long it will bring you fame and money.

Glory will be given to God for allowing your children participate, exposing their body and winning the ultimate price. It becomes the Lord’s doing and anyone who condemns your children’s act during the competition is mere jealous and an evil person who doesn’t wish you and your family well.

The African society is in complete mess, we’ve killed our culture and tradition and have chosen to keep confusing ourselves with religion. Religion has become a bias tool where fame and riches can be justified through it so long thanksgiving is given unto God for allowing you victorious in immoral competitions and enriching yourself through illegal means.

Sin is no longer sin if it’s rated 18+ and restricted to certain viewers. It is justifiable and we can encourage it. That is the state we now find ourselves in and increasingly there’s nothing wrong in viewing such programmes where nudity and immoral act are been exposed on TV and since it’s on TV it should just be viewed like every other entertainment program..

WHAT THEN SHOULDN’T WE TEACH OUR CHILDREN, HOW DO WE DEFINE SIN TO THEM WHEN WE CAN JUSTIFY IT WHEN IT INVOLVES FAME AND MONEY? WHAT LESSONS SHOULD THEY LEARN AND WHAT LESSONS SHOULDN’T THEY.. When we’ve chosen to condemn what we feel should be condemned and uphold that which we should have condemned but uphold it because fame and money are involved.

Written by: Chizoba Okagba

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