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The Greatness of Snail – Inspiring & Uplifting!

Looking at the tiny little snail across a marshy area, moving with such resilience. I remember the Noah and the Ark story; where all other smart, fast and jumpy animals have entered the ark and they all have to wait for Mr. Snail. I could sense the cheers Mr. Snail got from fellow animals as he sluggishly creeps to the ark. And I remember how God must have patiently waited for this special creature of His to get to the ark before He begins what He promised the earth.

As I keep ponder on this, it dawn on me how all things created by God are special in His sight – no matter how they looked, fashioned or behaved. If the snail is so slow, and the tiniest of ant is too small (that you wonder how its digestive system functions) to the biggest of mammals in the jungle – God is good and made everything beautiful as He wanted.

Growing up as a tiny person, I often feel bad when I see those who are ‘bigLY’ endowed. Until God made me realize the advantages I have that they don’t. Since then, I knew all God created was good. As ‘negative’ as we may think the snail is, its shell protects it from harm and being a meal to other animals. The shell keeps him from the harshness of all weather conditions.

Are we going to stop complaining of how and what we are and look to God in appreciation for what He’s done to us? If God sponsors no flop of His creation; and called you His eyeball ;and one who He has engraved in the palm of His hands; I see no genuine reasons why we should be in the club of murmurers, complainers and pity-fellows?

Arise in the knowledge of who you are in God. Give Him thanks for YOU. Go in the power of His might to actualize the impossible. Look in you for His comparative advantage you have from others and excel in it.

Remember: if the snail was part of the ark for destiny, you are more special to God than the snail; and why will He not wait for you even in your weakness to attain your greatness!

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Credit: Solomon Ekpo

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