I thought it would be fitting for us to take a moment and celebrate being a woman. Here are a few short steps you can take.

  1. Celebrate your achievements. There’s a perception that women can be more humble about their achievements than men – think about what you’ve achieved in your life and take a few moments to pat yourself on the back! You deserve it!
  2. Reach out to another woman in need. Consider if there is anyone you know in a work environment or your community who could do with some help? What can you do to support them?
  3. Raise the debate. Make a point of discussing the issues surrounding women of the world. If these topics stay hidden under the radar, it will be very difficult to forge changes ahead.
  4. Find a mentor or coach. Spend some time finding someone who you can ask to be your mentor or coach. Select someone who you believe aligns with your values and someone who you respect.
  5. Do it for the girls. Decide right now to dedicate your life to be a working example of a strong, successful woman. Get focused on your goals and just go for it!  You have the opportunity to inspire so many other young women just by committing to your own achievements.

By MacHenry Churchill