Some Useful Security Tips For You – Please Read This For Your Own Good

When you are on your way back at night, say between 11pm and 12am and you get to a traffic light or you get into traffic jam aka hold
up, and then someone hits your car from behind, pls do not come down to access the damage. It might just be a ploy to dispossess
you of your car immediately you step down.

When you are in heavy traffic, avoid displaying your phones or laptop bag where it can easily be seen. Endeavour to wind your windows
up if you can’t hide your items. I personally put my bag on the floor of the car and switch my phones off most times.

If you are in an unfamiliar territory, endeavour not to park your car in a lonely street, look for a busier one. If you use car parks, do not leave valuables in your car where they’ll be visible, thereby tempting someone to break in.

When driving home at night andyou have left the highway and approaching your house, always use your back view mirror to determine if you are being followed by another car.

If you notice you are being followed, change your course. Do not make the mistake of going straight home, or passing through a lonely street. You might be followed home and robbed eventually.

If on approaching your house, and you notice strange people hanging around, drive pass and make some necessary calls. They might just be robbers waiting to follow you into the house.

If late at night, your gen is on, and then for no reason it goes off. Pls stay indoors. Many at times, people have been robbed when they come out to check what’s responsible for the gen tripping off.

When in an eatery or whatever joint, do not reveal too much of your self either by phone call or mere chit chat with your friends. . . You never know who might be listening.

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