Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You!

Many a times we need assurances and re-assurances in our marriage. For instance, you might wonder how to know if your husband still loves you. It might be good for you to realize that he probably also needs some assurance too. That is the more reason you should forgive him to reassure him that he can still count on your love.

More so, know that it is very frustrating for you if you really do wonder if your husband still loves you. You can hardly change an individual, including your husband if you are not ready to change your old self. Let’s examine some questions that will help us sort this out.

1. Does he want to spend time with you?

Does he want to spend time with you or does it look like he constantly tries to find reasons to be away from you? If it seems like he is trying to find more ways not be at home, then you may have some concern. Even though your marriage may not be perfect, if your husband wants to spend time with you that is a very good sign the wheel of love is still very much working.

2. Does he constantly criticize you?

If your husband constantly criticizes you and seems to try to place unnecessary blames on you, he may be trying to justify things that he knows that he is doing wrong. Yet, even though he may know that he is at fault for some things, he may not be able to identify what is wrong; but he no longer loves you or not, it is an unhealthy situation in any case.

3. Does he generally forgive and tolerate your fault?

If your husband is generally forgiving, and tolerating your faults, that is a very good sign, even though you may have some disagreement (some might call them fight) if you are forgiving of each other, that usually only comes about through love.

4. Does your husband seem to have retreated into a shell that he has built?

If this is the case, he may not feel respected. He may be dejected. If these feelings go on for a long period of time, his “feeling” of love will diminish. If the lines of communication are not restored, it may get to the point where he no longer feels that he loves you.

5. Does he seem to be losing interest in physical intimacy with you?

There are several reasons why this can happen. Some of them have nothing to do with the loss of love for you. That is encouraging. On the other hand, if he is tempted to get involved in an affair, then this is a bad sign. You will have to be very careful when trying to provide answer to this question. Forgiving him after extra marital affairs.

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