Sickle cell anaemia (SCA) is an Hemoglobinopathy with Autosomal dominant inheritance. Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease have abnormal Genotype S i.e HbSS-SS genotype. It usually manifests in Children often after fall in fetal hemoglobin (HbF) levels @ about 3-6months. Normal Red blood cells usually become sickle in shape when there is lack of Oxygen(Hypoxia),acidosis,low temperature,  etc. Typical Sickle cell crises include; -Bone pain(commonest) -chest pain -passage of blood in urine(haematuria) -priapism in males -kidney and liver problems -chronic leg ulcers

Some triggers of the Sickle Cell Crises are -Stress and Exercise -Low temperature -Dehydration -infections -Acidosis Prevention of Crises -Avoid the triggers -Treat any infection especially Upper Respiratory Tract Infections fast -Use of Antimalarials regularly -Drinking of liberal fluids to prevent pain and red blood cell sickling, some People advocate for 3litres of water -Management of crises in the hospital with Intravenous fluids, Antibiotics and Pain killers –Don’t be far from your Doctor or hospital for check upDoki

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