NEWS: Father Denied Sleeping With Women By Jealous Daughter



A jealous woman, Soneni Moyo has decided to punish her father, John Moyo to retire from sleeping with women because he had divorced her mother when she was a kid. This punishment is too much on John that he has ran to a court to save him from his daughter.

“I am the father of Soneni Moyo who has gone violent and is always harassing me. She does not want or allow me to marry or live with any other woman. She said I should stop making love or date any woman as punishment for divorcing her mother. Whenever I get married she becomes violent, harasses me and my wife and destroys household property. She once did that to a woman I had married until she gave up and left me.

“She does not respect me as her father and to make matters worse I am staying with my mother who is visually impaired and when I go to work she does not give her food. She is always leaving her alone while going to drink beer with her friends. I am sick and tired of her behaviour. I want this court to help me,” tearfully claimed John.

Soneni disputed her father’s claims “He is lying. My mother separated with him when I was three years old. I never had any problems with his wives or girlfriends as he is claiming. He is lying before this court of law,” she said.

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