6 years ago today at this very time, I & @thisiscornelius had our first conversation after church. We knew within 15 minutes that we were going to get married one day. We attended the same church, spoke in passing… And walked by each other for 3 years without having a 1:1 conversation. God has a sense of humor because I was in a place where I didn’t want a man because I was tired of “pretend christian” men coming at me with their carnal mindsets & getting me all messed up (my fault as well). I told God I was fine with being single for another 10 years because HE was all I needed. God had another plan & that was purpose. He brought me with @thisiscornelius not so I can flash my wedding ring but to take on 10,000 with him – to eventually start ministries, a church & to push each other closer to Jesus. It wasn’t about having a pair a thighs in my bed, God had eternity in mind. So, my “Adam” woke up out of nowhere & I didn’t have to have sex with him to catch him. So, don’t feel like you have to settle for some man that wants to feel all over you & pressure you to do things that convict you! We waited to kiss until our wedding day & I walked down the aisle 1 year & 8 months later. Feeling valued. Feeling peace. Feeling like I conquered that season with the help of the Holy Spirit. Dysfunctional relationships WAS my story before my husband. Thank God for redemption. YOU can do things HIS way, He gives second chances. God still honors holiness. 6 years down, a lifetime to go.  

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