How To Please Your Husband & Keep The Fire Of Love Burning

Just received this from one of our fans, Shirley:

Read through… you’ll gain a lot from it. Happy reading…


Hello Jenny,


I don’t even know how to begin. At the beginning of our marriage, we both had the best time of our lives, but about 1 and half month after putting to bed, it was as if the world is coming down on me. I was so stressed that I always find faults in anything my husband was doing so, he was under stressed because I stressed him around. We were both under stress that it lead to some heated arguments and quarrels but to God be the Glory, we always dialogue and try to find a solution before that day passed by.

I went on my knees for God to give us wisdom and understanding in our marriage, we were both from different race, culture and background. Today, I can boldly tell you that we no longer have such problems, we don’t have insecurities because we love and cherish each other dearly, we help each other, we discuss about anything and everything, we don’t keep secures from each other, we are best friends, I can go on and on cos the list is endless. My advice to the married ladies out there is, put God first in your marriage and in everything you do. Be your husband’s best friend.

Discuss with him about any topic, be it work related, business, movies, news, football, God, etc. Argue(not bad) with him sometimes even if you know he is right, just do it for fun and to keep him talking then, you can admit he is right. Always say I’m sorry when you offend him. Always tell him you love him even before and after work. Always kiss him good morning and good night before you sleep. Make sure you never go to sleep being angry with him, always resolve your differences before you go to bed. Always show him love and appreciate him no matter what. Be honest with him and don’t pretend.

Always ask for his opinion before you do anything. Always be proud of your husband. These are little, stupid, foolish but most essential in having a blissful marriage. When last did you have sex(I mean hot crazy sex not love making) with your husband? When last did you buy a sexy night dress and sexy pants or G-string just to surprise your husband after he has a very stressful day? When last did you give your husband a blow job and a hand job? When last did you creme you sexual life? When last did you massage your husband?

These are also some of the things some ladies ignored because they are now married. When last did you try new food recipes? Come on Married Ladies, be exciting, creative, sexy, hot, beautiful, discover and go on adventure with your hubby.



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