How to Get Your Husband to Quit Checking out Pretty Women

Women-issueDon’t you ladies hate it when your guy slyly gives “the look” to some woman? You know–that quick once over from head to toe that he thinks you don’t notice? How do you handle this problem?

This is completely natural for most men. It’s wired into them by instinct. It does not mean anything. It has no meaning about his relationship with you. Mother nature wants him to look.

Make sure that he is indeed doing this. There is a difference between a gawk and a glance–learn to tell the difference. Let’s be fair here–the shock effect of the skin some women show can make anyone stare, so understand the difference. Put more of the blame on the women… there is a war out there for the hearts and souls of men–let’s turn the spotlight on these women and shame them at their attention-seeking.

Talk candidly to your partner about what he finds so desirable in the coveted hottie. Don’t say things that anger your spouse or make him want to not listen to you, such as, “Honey, would you like me better if I dressed like her?”

Don’t fall into the temptation of dressing loosely just to win male approval. Men don’t just look at seductive women either. Also, make sure that you are dressed your very prettiest. Modest is best when you are with your guy. Believe it or not, men really do feel more highly of you when you respect your body enough not to show it off to every guy out there.

Overall, Be honest with yourself! You like it when men other than your husband look at you with wanting eyes… so don’t be hard on him when he does the same!

Understand that men are not attracted to all of the women that they stare at–some are just visually targeted on a piece of jewelry, a strange hairstyle, some funky footwear–it’s really not just lust that draws a man to fixate on something. However, some men will always look, even if you’re prettier. It’s easy to see this as a negative commentary on you, but this is usually not be the case.

Examine yourself each day to make sure that you are not exceptionally/naturally jealous and possessive. If you are, try to accept that you can’t kill all of the beautiful women in the world. There will always be competition. Remember, he’s choosing to be with you.

If this is a major problem you should schedule a time for the two of you to see a therapist/counselor. A woman’s insecurity can be a large part of the problem. If he is insensitive or cruel about his looking you can discuss this as well.

Examine yourself each day in the mirror to see if you are looking the best you can–you don’t need to cake on make-up and dress extravagantly, but do dress the best you can and pay attention to details (ask a close friend to tell you what you might do differently).

The fact he is married to you says he loves women. Realize there is nothing unhealthy about him looking.

If his looking makes you feel bad, you should discuss it with your husband and let him know how it makes you feel. He probably won’t stop looking but may change his behavior around you.

Source: I Love My Hubby

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