The journey of marriage is beyond how romance books and films present it. As a matter of fact, the happily ever after, is a function of the foundation you laid during the period of courtship. There is this adage I was accustomed to while growing up- It is like a slogan and my mum was always fond of using it. She would always say: “As you lay your bed, so will you lie on it”.


When it comes to marriage or relationship, how you get it started will determine how it flows. Anytime I listen to tapes and read books on marriage from reputable men and women of God, I always thank God for my generation. Honestly, enough information is around for you to equip yourself with, if you want to experience the happily EVER AFTER. Unfortunately, when I see or read what people are going through in marriage and relationship, I feel bad and sometimes ask what they’ve been doing with their lives before marriage. Today; everybody is having fan pages, pointing at marriage and relationship, but people are fed with the partial truth. The higher the information, the higher the confusion, especially when you don’t learn to filter things you hear or read. How will you know how to filter when you do not know the right from the left? So, the following are the things to do, in order to experience the happily EVER AFTER to you dream of:

  1. Have a mentor. Get an older couple as your Coach, especially if your parents’ marriage is not good enough for you to learn from.
  2.  Stop spending money on Brazilian weave on alone. If you are a man, all your finances should not only go into loading your wardrobe with designers, but also with BOOKS- You should buy and read, don’t just buy and use them to decorate your library. When you have right knowledge about marriage, you will stand-out in marriage.
  3.  Listen to tapes or messages from reputable men and women of God from various tribes and Nation.
  4.  The greater part of success in marriage is embedded in good character, and that’s why we will appreciate it, if you are making use of our ATTITUDE 101 teachings, it is going to help you a long way. Also read books that can help and improve your attitudes. Permit me to also say this: if you are a Christian, allow the Fruit of the Spirit to manifest in you- that is the best way to plant, nurture and grow a good character.
  5.  I am sorry if you don’t want to hear this; but having known what you are suppose to know, before you go into a relationship or in the cause of your relationship and marriage- do not keep God out of your business. God attends to what you invite him into. It is quite unfortunate that, people wait until things go wrong, before they begin calling on the God that they never involved from the start.
  6. Stay with us on this Blog: http://www.talkaboutladies.com. We have assembled an experienced Team of Relationship Coaches and Marriage Counselors to help you all the way. Beginning from the search for your life partner, to enjoying a model peaceful marriage and to rescuing your sick relationship or marriage.



How Living In Truth Can Help Grow Your Marriage And RelationshipConclusively, marriage is not without its ups and down, but the solid foundation will sustain you. Just do your part and you will experience the HAPPILY EVER AFTER.


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