For Single Ladies – What You Should Know About Body, Beauty and Brains.

1. It is true that the first thing a man will notice about you is your body. That is the reason why women are more body conscious than men.

2. A man will come after you if your body is inviting, if you are well dressed and attractive or if you ‘dress down’ like a call girl. A man sees your body and not the person who owns it.

3. Attracting a man with your body is good but it is a very weak way to connect with a man. Why do I say so? If you are on a busy street, just pause for a few minutes and you will notice several girls who have a more endowed body than yours.

4. Spending time on your external beauty is good because it helps to keep you attractive. If you are not attractive, a man will pay you little or no attention.

5. Every woman must discover her own area of strength. What makes you stand out and beautiful? You should concentrate on that instead of trying to be like every other woman. For instance, if skirts make you look good, then fill your wardrobe with skirts that do your body justice. Do what is best for you not what is best for another woman.

6. You should also focus on developing your inner beauty. This has to do with your emotional quotient or EQ. This has to do with the understanding of your own emotions and your ability to read and connect emotionally with people. If you have no control over your emotions, you are in serious trouble.

7. No matter how beautiful or sexy you are, if you are lacking in inner beauty, no man will want to spend time with you. Even if you walk around almost naked, you will still be rejected. It isn’t because you are not beautiful externally, it is because your emotional quotient is very low.

8.Inner beauty also has to do with developing other areas of your character like integrity, patience, forgiveness, empathy, peace,etc. These qualities will attract a man to you even if you are not so physically endowed. A woman who brings peace to a man is priceless. You may have several degrees but if you cannot make a man feel at peace with you, your degrees are worthless to him. I feel sorry for ladies who walk around almost naked not realising that men want peace of mind in their home, not just sex.

9. Men love intelligent women. Do yourself a favour and develop your mind. Read good books. Engage in intellectually stimulating discussions. Seek to learn and understand more about the people and the world you live in. This is exciting to most men. If a man is not interested in your mind, he is probably using you for your body or for your money and will soon let you go for another woman.

10. It is the wise use and combination of your body, beauty and brains that attracts a man. What keeps him is the development of your character. It is tough but the benefits will be more than worth the effort you invest in it.

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