If there’s one thing most people refuse to tolerate in a relationship, it’s catching a partner in a major lie.

Various women have shared some of the most crushing lies their exes have told them in past relationships. Below, 10 of the most surprising lies.

  1. He had a secret family. 
    “He told me he was single. Turns out he was actually married with three children. Found that out after doing a little bit of internet sleuthing.”
  1. He was jobless. 
    “My ex got fired from his job for stealing.He pretended to go to work every day as usual.I found out when our roommate pulled some jammed paper out of her printer and found half a page of his resume stuck in there. When we asked him about it, he admitted he’d been fired and hadn’t been to work in weeks.”
  1. He had a not-so-secret affair.
    “My last boyfriend was cheating on me while he was studying abroad. He didn’t do a very good job covering it up and I called him out on it. He kept lying about it. Then there was a picture of them together on Facebook. I broke up with him and he screamed at me a lot. We tried to work on things extremely briefly … He didn’t understand why I didn’t want him being friends with the girl he cheated on me with while we were trying to work on things. Stupid bullet dodged.”
  1. He lied about still living at home. 
    “My ex and I were long-distance. He lied for the entire nine months that I knew him that he lived alone when he was really living with his sister and mother. I wouldn’t have cared that he was living with his mom, but when I finally made plans to see him at his house and bought the plane tickets he finally admitted to it. In retrospect it was a huge red flag and revealed him as a hugely insecure chump that pretended to be a confident person. Sickening.”
  1. He lied about who he was at his core. 
    “It wasn’t one lie, it was more about presenting himself to be someone he wasn’t: a laid-back, fairly liberal guy who believed in equality, recycling and being non-judgmental. He proved himself to be uptight, extremely jealous, a bit controlling and unusually conservative, and it all came out so gradually that I was up to my neck in love before I realized it. Outcome: I spent a year and a half grappling to come to terms with the fact that even though I loved him, we were ridiculously incompatible. Broke up.”
  1. He told her he was younger than he was.
    “My ex lied about his age for the close to three years I dated him.We started dating when I had just turned 17, and he had supposedly just turned 25 (which is a huge age gap to begin with). I’m not 100 percent sure how I found out that he was actually over 30 when we started dating. At that point I knew I had to leave him, but it took a long time before I could do that because he had emotionally manipulated me so much.”
  1. He kept the details of their personal finances hidden.
    “My ex-husband lied about paying the mortgage every month. I found out when they foreclosed on the house. He lied about getting discharged from the military for two weeks after his actual discharge. He got up early every morning, put on his uniform and let me think he was at work all day. He lied about why we were always so broke. Turns out, he had a gambling problem. He lied about debts he owed. I found out when the utilities were routinely being shut off and collection agencies started showing up at the house.”
  1. He pretended he didn’t know the other woman.
    “He told me, ‘I don’t know who that girl is, and you’re crazy’ after a random woman came up to us at the grocery store.Later I found out she had sex with him in the front seat of MY car from pictures he had on his phone. This coupled with all of the emails, text messages, and instant messages culminated the end of our 3.5-year relationship. He was screwing around on me the ENTIRE time. Our whole relationship was a lie, he lied about everything.”
  1. He lied about being Norwegian. (Yes, you read that right.) 
    “An ex claimed to be Norwegian — to have been raised there until he was about 14. He backed this up by learning Norwegian so well that he had Norwegian friends who not only believed he was from there, but knew the area he came from by his accent/turns of phrase. Also claimed: to be pagan; to have been in the Norwegian army based in Svalbard for a year; to be incredibly wealthy; to be a year older than he really was.”
  2. He lied about everything.
    “I dated a guy that lied about ALL THE THINGS. Everything you could lie about. He couldnt’ even keep his lies straight and told me three different stories about how his mom died and his aunt raised him, but later his aunt was his mom… just bizarre. Lots and lots of lies about his family, who had nothing to do with him because he was a pathological liar. He lied about having stomach cancer, to the point of me bringing him to the hospital, being there for hours, then he left against medical advice (he told me) but actually there was nothing at all wrong with him … I am a much better judge of character today but I came by it the hard way.”

Culled from The Huffington Post

RESEARCH: Study Reveals Surprising Link Between A Bad Marriage And Heart Health


Previous research has proved the link between a difficult marriage and negative health effects in lab-based studies. Now, the finding has been confirmed in one of the first population-representative studies, showing a link between living unhappily ever after and having heart health issues.

A study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior looked at data from around 1,200 married people, between ages 57 and 85, over a period of five years. The participants had self-reported their cardiovascular health and also their overall marriage quality — things like how demanding or critical a spouse is.

The striking results showed that while older couples may have weathered more years together, the negative effects of a low-quality marriage became stronger with age. Women in particular, were more likely than men, to endure heart problems. Researchers say this could be because women tend to internalize their negative feelings. “It may be that women are more likely to internalize their emotions and feelings about marital strain and thus are more likely to feel depressed than are men,” the authors write. They also said that stress resulting from marital problems or dissatisfaction could have a stronger effect as our immune system weakens with age.

“Marriage counseling is focused largely on younger couples. But these results show that marital quality is just as important at older ages, even when the couple has been married 40 or 50 years,” lead researcher Hui Liu said in a statement. Researchers also say the findings are evidence that public policies and programs need to be introduced to improve marital quality, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among older adults.

While it’s no surprise that a troubled marriage can take its toll on your health, some research suggests that marriage in and of itself has a positive effect on one’s health when compared with staying unmarried. The Framingham Offspring study followed over 3,500 adults over a decade and found that even when considering existing health factors, married men are 46 percent less likely to die than unmarried men. This study in particular did not find a correlation between marital dissatisfaction and a lowering in the so-called “protective” effect marriage seems to have. Researchers suggested that this could be because spouses encouraged men to take better care of their health, with regular checkups and the like.

So what does this mean for people in a bad marriage? “It’s not like you have contact with your spouse and the next day you have heart disease,” Liu told The Washington Post. The study has some limitations due to the relatively small sample size, data is self-reported and researchers say future studies should have a longer follow-up period. “It really takes time. That may explain why it’s stronger for older people. Your body will remember the effect.”

Culled from hsb.com and ScienceDaily



Many women find it difficult to appreciate themselves because society puts pressure on them to be completely selfless; any attempt at self-nurturing and self-love is condemned, eliciting accusations of being selfish and narcissistic, of not being an adequate wife, mother, or even an adequate woman. No woman wants these labels and so many comply–giving, giving, giving–never appreciating themselves. Never realizing that in order to truly give you must appreciate the gifts you possess. Sadly, some women’s lives become as futile as a child’s attempt to capture the entire ocean in his sand bucket. No matter how committed he is to his task, no effort is ever enough.

It’s not easy to overcome this pressure. Even the most liberated people are adversely affected by the pressure of public opinion. Withstanding the opinions of others is at best stressful and at worst debilitating. Many of us are crippled by the masses of people who do not allow us the freedom of our own opinions and the exploration of our own personhood. We all have a tendency to reflect the opinions of others. If someone says you look terrible in a dress, don’t you wear it with reluctance the next time? Even though we say we do not care what people think, to some degree we are still vulnerable to their words and ideas. But if we are going to be effective individuals, we must develop the ability to embrace ourselves. A positive self-image is not arrogant. It is necessary in order to procure a healthy relationship with others. People who have low self-esteem are too obsessive to enjoy others. They cling to others like a vine to a wall. They need others to stand, and that need is compulsive and draining.

It is virtually impossible to find someone to appreciate you as a person if you do not allow them to see you as a settled, stabilized force in the earth. They need to hear you sing your own song. They need to listen to your solo. Sing the melody of success and everybody will want to hum that tune with you. But make sure that you allow to join in only those who harmonize with your own self-image. You actually train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Do not think for one moment that others do not observe your level of style, class, and preferences. All of us, when we shop, have had to deal with the fact that this person we are shopping for would or would not buy this item for him- or herself. You want to buy what would at least be comparable to what that person would select. You wouldn’t give a cheap bag to someone who wears expensive clothes, would you? Who would feel comfortable giving a gift that would stand out among the person’s possessions as an item beneath his or her normal standard? By being good to the self, this person has in essence set a standard that we all must aspire to reach if we are to be a blessing to that individual.

Look, Ma, No Hands

We are not born in relationships. Who among us was born holding someone else’s hand firmly clasped within her own? We enter life with both hands up in the air and fists clenched tightly. We are born empty-handed. There are no hands to hold but our own. We learn to reach out, but only after we have had a chance to reach inward and upward. It is the upward reach of the spirit and the inward reach of the soul that enables the outward reach of the body.

Most of us are single-birth babies who spent time alone from the womb to the crib. We played in the crib alone. We learned the fundamental skills of entertaining ourselves. Alone is where we start and essentially it is where we end. For even if we die in a crowded room, ultimately we die alone. Job says he came here naked and returned naked. It is true. We find ourselves going full circle. We take no more with us than what we brought. We brought no one with us into this world, and even though we may hold hands as we die, still we face death alone. We are at best empty-handed travelers. We start with clutched hands, and we end with clutched hands. Between those two points, our hands will hold many things. But, at the end, as was in the beginning, they will pry our hands open and find no one’s hand within but our own.

Nothing is more essential to spiritual and emotional well-being than that which we are considering now. For you see, there are some prerequisites to a healthy love relationship with others. We can love others with no more wholeness than that with which we love ourselves, We tend to seek from others the kind of love and affirmation that must come from within. As we journey forward, we will discuss the relationship the lady has with herself, then with her husband and lover, and finally with her Lord.

If her relationship is not fortified with her Lord and with herself, she will enter into a relationship with a man for the wrong reason. She will want from him those properties that can only be extracted from a positive self-image and a clear perception of her God. I will discuss in more detail later the significance of having a God-centered life. But for the moment, let’s consider what can be achieved by a woman who knows and loves herself. So tonight, dear friend, set the table for one and sit in the presence of your own personhood. Drink the robust wine of your own thoughts and laugh hysterically at some humorous memory that you can share with no one but yourself. Could it be possible that before the night is over you might find yourself warmed by the fire of your own dreams, and perhaps ever so gently whisper the confession that by God’s grace you have finally learned to enjoy your own company?

Could it be possible that being alone does not have to mean that you are lonely? Have you ever entertained yourself? Or are you saving all of your social skills for someone who is not there? If you are, it is indeed a statement that suggests you are not important enough to demand your own respect. That is a dangerous place from which to start life. Because if you cannot value your own existence and presence, you will eventually have trouble relating well to others.

Most people spend no time entertaining themselves. They only entertain others. They never plan an evening for themselves. They endure their time alone as if they had been exited to solitary confinement. But it is the single woman who has the time to develop true spirituality. She is not encumbered with the concerns of children or mate. She has the time to strengthen herself on several different levels. She has the time to strengthen her economy, her spirituality, and her personality. Each area needs to be strengthened so that she can clearly discern, when offers come, whether she is in love or in need.

An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world–how she can please her husband. I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord, I Cor. 7:34-35 (NIV)

I am therefore suggesting that you have a relationship first with your God, secondly with yourself, and finally, out of the manifold fruits of your own habitation, you are ready to share with someone else what you have determined to be worth bringing to the table of love.

(To Be Continued)

By Bishop T. D Jakes



God has a beautiful plan for womanhood that will bring order and fulfillment if it is followed in obedience. God’s plan is that one man and one woman, of equal standing before Him but of different roles, should be bonded together as one. In His wisdom and grace He specifically created each for his or her role.

At creation, God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and from him God took a rib and made a woman (Genesis 2:2 1). She was a direct gift from the hand of God, made from man and for man (1 Corinthians 11:9). “Male and female created he them”, (Genesis 1:27) each different but made to complete and complement each other. Although the woman is considered the “weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7), this does not make her inferior. She was made with a purpose in life that only she could fill.

To woman has been given one of the greatest privileges in the world, that of molding and nurturing a living soul.

Her influence, especially in the realm of motherhood, affects her children’s eternal destination. Even though Eve brought condemnation upon the world with her act of disobedience, God considered women worthy of a part in the plan of redemption (Genesis 3:15). “But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman.” (Galatians 4:4). He entrusted to her the bearing of and the caring for his own dear Son. The woman’s role is not insignificant!

A distinction between the sexes is taught throughout the Bible. Paul teaches if a man has long hair, it is a shame unto him, but if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her (1 Corinthians 11:14,15). “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God” (Deuteronomy 22:5). Their roles are not to be interchangeable.

In the Garden of Eden, God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone,” and He made a help meet for him-a companion, someone to satisfy his needs (Genesis 2:18).

Proverbs 31:10-31 tells in detail what kind of helpmeet the woman is to be. The supportive role of the wife to the husband is very evident in this description of the ideal woman. She “will do him good and not evil.” Because of her honesty, modesty and chastity, “her husband doth safely trust in her.” By her efficiency and diligence she would look well to her household. The basis for her virtue is found in verse 30: “a woman that feareth the Lord.” This is a reverential fear that gives meaning and purpose to her life. Only as the Lord lives in her heart can she be the woman she was meant to be.

To become a child of God she needs to repent, confess her sins and accept Christ through faith. With Christ she will be able to live a self-denied life. The Holy Spirit will give strength, courage, and direction to fulfill her duties. He will grace her life with humility, modesty, and with that inner “ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price” (1 Peter 3:3,4). Proper, modest dress adds to the hidden charm of a woman. She should never draw attention to her body by being overdressed or underdressed.

To avoid confusion and establish order, someone needs to be the head and God has ordained that this should be the man (1 Corinthians 11:3). Marriage is to be a harmonious relationship similar to that of Christ and the Church. Christ is subject to God, man is subject to Christ, and woman is subject to man. Why would any woman rebel at her position in the framework of authority when even Christ, the Son, is subject to the Father? As the wife reverences her husband, she is obedient to the scripture (Ephesians 5:33), and her husband is then able to bear the responsibility that God has laid on his shoulders.

The liberation movement has challenged God’s blueprint for womanhood. Women are clamoring for freedom and fulfillment by asking for total equality. This puts them into a power struggle- into a competitive role instead of a complementary partnership. Their quest for freedom only leads them into bondage. Nevertheless, the selfishness and ungodliness of many men is without excuse. In this context some of women’s frustrations can be understood. Ironically, the very thing that many women are rejecting is God’s way of establishing the woman in a life that fully satisfies.

If a women moves aggressively into the man’s world and there seeks independence and equality, she loses her femininity, that reserved, modest sweetness that men respect and God approves.

Fulfillment comes as she cultivates those gifts for which she was created. A woman’s submission to her husband liberates her from a multitude of frustrating problems, and her submission to God’s order frees her from guilt. Submission is a blessing, not a curse!

The pattern of men taking the leadership and women following will bring a blessing to single women as well as married women, to daughters as well as wives.

As an outward sign of this submission and her submission to Christ, the Christian woman is commanded to have her head covered for praying and prophesying* (1 Corinthians 11:3-5). Man is subject to Christ and should therefore pray with his head uncovered. Woman is subject to man and should pray with her head covered. Wearing a head covering is a recognition of this divine order.

[* The writers of the article recognizes a sister should wear it “in her times of private devotions and prayer, the sister’s head should be covered. A Christian sister would naturally want to wear the head covering whenever she is giving Christian service. In truth, all of a believer’s daily life should be lived in service unto Christ. It seems appropriate, then, that the Christian women wear the prayer covering whenever she appears in public. She thus leaves a constant testimony of her submission to God and her husband.]

Love in marriage is to be pure and is given for pleasure as well as for propagation. Woman was uniquely created for the special task of bearing children, a creative fulfillment. God said, “Be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28). To purposely choose not to have children is sidestepping God’s principle and forfeiting one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life.

Woman’s first duty is the making and keeping of her home. Many a modern woman chooses a career, hires a baby-sitter, and rushes her children through childhood so that she can be free to pursue her selfish interests. The Bible teaches that women are to be “keepers at home” (Titus 2:5). This means a women is to be there, loving her husband, teaching and enjoying her children, and applying the homemaking arts with joy in her heart. This mother is the heartbeat of the home. She helps lay the foundation of moral standards there. The warmth of her spirit quietly establishes security in the lives of little children-confidence, that in spite of their problems and fears, all will be right. Why would any woman trade this noble place for some dollars earned or for some coveted position? This Bible way is not just being old-fashioned; it is God’s order. The women who wholeheartedly accept God’s plan will be blessed.

In certain instances, a woman’s role extends beyond her home. Examples are given in both the Old and New Testaments of godly women who had responsibilities in God’s kingdom. Also today there is a place for the Christian woman to serve within the Church. As she exercises her inborn attributes of love, gentleness, and compassion, she is a living example of that which becomes godliness. Older women are exhorted to teach the young women, “that the word of God be not blasphemed” (Titus 2:4,5). Single Christian women, who do not have the cares of a home and a family, are able to fill a special place (1 Corinthians 7:34).

There are definite guidelines for women’s behavior in the Church. They are not to usurp authority over men. Paul instructs, “Let your women keep silence in the churches” (1 Corinthians 14:34,35; 1 Timothy 2:11-15). The order that God has planned for women excludes them from preaching. Faithful women find places for active participation in Christian service where they can humbly and consistently fellowship with other Christians.

May each woman fill her role with the grace of God in her heart, live in submissive obedience to His will, and humbly give of herself in the daily practices of life. As each person fills his respective place in God’s plan, there is beautiful harmony that emerges in the heart, the home, and the church.

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INSIGHT: 9 Signs He’ll Be an Amazing Dad


So he’s a solid boyfriend, but will he make a super father? Here’s how to know.

So you’re with a guy who loves kids and says he wants them? Obviously, those are good places to start. But what about the slightly subtler signals that he’s up to the parenting challenge? We break them down:

He’s Intuitive
If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “You look tired—can I make you dinner/give you a massage/do the laundry?” come out of his mouth, that’s a sign he’s attentive and takes initiative, which are biggies when it comes to kids. “Children need attention constantly,” says Jane Greer, Ph.D., New York-based relationship expert and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship. “There’s the hands-on taking care of children in terms of what routinely has to be done—and then there’s the whole other layer of tuning into where they’re at and what their mood is and what else they might need that you didn’t anticipate or plan for. That level of awareness is really significant.”

He’s Affectionate
Does he hold your hand and stroke your hair? Clearly love your pet? “That shows a lovingness and caring,” says Greer. Plus, it shows his ability to connect on an emotional level to maintain that bond, which is crucial for parents, says Greer.

He Can Handle Stress
Does he shut down or disappear when things (work, the relationship, family stuff, etc.) get sticky? No good. You want a partner who talks through stressors with you, says relationship therapist Rachel Sussman, LCSW, author of The Breakup Bible. Because, fact: Kids are super, duper stressful. You want to have them with someone who can manage the pressure.

He Shares His Food
Seriously. See, a good father is someone who’s generous, not stingy, says Greer. So if you’re out to dinner and he doesn’t even pretend to offer you a taste, then reaches over and grabs something off your plate, that’s probably not a good sign. “That tells you that they’re looking out for themselves and they’re more concerned with taking care of themselves than sharing and reciprocating with you,” says Greer.

He’s in Touch with His Emotions
If he’s comfortable telling you how he feels about you or talking about the future, that’s good, says Sussman. “Then that person usually, when they make the decision to be a parent, they’ll take it seriously. They’ll be able to be up front with you and tell you how they feel if they’re upset about something, if they’re happy about something.”

He’s Down to Shop, Cook, and Clean
You want to co-parent with someone who’s “a true partner in all senses of the word,” says Sussman. If he’s not willing to pitch in now, that could mean trouble down the road.

He Makes Sacrifices for You
Maybe he blows off guys’ night to take care of you when you’re sick or he works overtime so he can take off for your friend’s wedding. These unselfish acts show that he’s flexible and responsive, says Greer, and those are both things you want in a partner and a parent.

He’s Reliable
If he says he’s going to do something, he needs to actually do it…on a regular basis…without constantly being reminded, says Greer. It’s clear why this is important: You can’t raise a kid with someone you don’t trust to take care of things.

The Two of You Have a Great Relationship
“Assess your own relationship and make sure it’s really solid and really in a good place,” says Sussman. “You’ve got to have the relationship first, because having kids will put a stress on you.” “If you’re really in love, if you have good communication, if you really respect each other, if there’s a really solid friendship, if you have a lot of fun together, and you both want to have children,” she says, “chances are it’s going to work out really nicely.”

Culled from Womenshealthmag

How To Win Your Husband’s Heart and Favour

A woman that must keep other adventurous women away from her husband must be meek and kind to her husband and be ready to watch her language always. We can always gauge our words if we are careful enough. The secret is just being very mature dealing wih people and refused to become easily annoyed by them.

Another better way is to call anyone that annoyed you and tell them amicably (note, not angrily as this always increases tension and creates some sense of competition and a quest for ‘ who will be right?’ kind of scenario that you need to avoid). Say to people: “Mister, do you care to know you really hurt me?”

Once you start to practice this, you will discover that now you can control people’s reaction to you and your words (having gained power over use of words and expected reactions from people around you) at your home and at workplaces.

A subtle way of making people feel your uniqueness is by acting contrary to people’s expected reactions for good purpose. This is a key to self actualization, which is another way of staying in control of your situations. Always remember that people are fond of twisting and turning your argument around to suit their feeling, which is one reason you must master the use of words around your home. You will rarely offend your husband if you are conscious of words.

Sometimes, your husband will really be the one provoking you unduly. Yes, chances are that he really want you to get mad so that you can behave rashly and he would be able to ‘deal’ with you. Some men are like that! But if a man is acting this way intentionally, you need to know that this is the time to test your temperament and see how strong your tolerance can last.

All you need to do at this stage is to switch to amiable voice tone and tell him something like: Honey, please help me to really understand what you want me to do right now, I’m begging”

Let that be your last world in his presence at that moment, then go to pick the necessary household chore that you schedule for that very time.

We are all students of perfection, nobody has made it yet, but we can always learn to be strong from the strength of others where we have challenges, then we can always expect similar favorable result.

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Sexual Confidence for Women

Sexual Confidence is achieved when love,
passion, and proficiency work together!
“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” -John Ruskin

This article addresses achieving sexual confidence (written by Carrie for women only!), especially if you are a woman feeling awkward about the idea of visiting our website and reading the articles that will help you become more sexually proficient. Though I’m still working through my sexual inhibitions, I’ve learned a greater freedom as I’ve understood the importance of becoming sexually proficient and having sexual confidence.

Biology teaches us the “how to have sex”. I remember my father giving my sister and I the “where babies come from” biology lesson. In grade 6, my school nurse taught the girls in our class about puberty, and hormone and body changes. Since being married and giving birth to nine children, I’ve read countless articles and books, taken classes, watched movies, compared notes with other expectant or new moms, and asked my doctor questions to help me become more knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth.

I’ve been eager to learn what I needed to know for these “basics”. Admittedly, I’ve also researched, studied, taken courses, and attended seminars regarding health, my occupation, raising a family, homemaking, and hobbies. Why have I been hesitant to teach myself about the area of my sexual relationship with my husband who is the most important person in my life!?

Sex was God’s idea. I must change the mindset that sex was man’s idea. Since God designed us to experience sex, then I believe He wants me to do it to the best of my ability just as He would expect of me regarding parenting my children, relating to others, or working at my job.

Once I understood the importance of sex, I became motivated to spend time and effort in learning how to please my husband better, be fulfilled in my womanhood, and enjoy sex! I discovered that we women don’t need to feel ashamed for desiring to learn more about sex, how to get better “in bed”, and how to become great lovers! It’s never too late for a wife to improve her sexual skills. Whether you’re just getting ready to be married or have already celebrated many anniversaries, remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well!Important note… not just for women only: be sure to look for info on sex that doesn’t infringe on your values.

What’s been so great is that as I become more sexually proficient and gain more confidence in my sexual relationship with my husband, I find that not only does my husband enjoy the experience so much more, but so do I! I don’t just “get through it” but can “relish” sex from beginning to end!

Jim and I hope that www.the-intimate-couple.com will be a helpful resource for you and your husband to gain a deeper level of intimacy. In time, we’ll have more articles especially written for women only to help you become sexually proficient!

There is no greater spiritual exchange between a man and a woman than that of lovers loving well. –Lou Paget
Source:  http://www.the-intimate-couple.com/sexual-confidence.html