Advice for a happy marriage – Tips That Worked For Her

For one to have a happy home you need patience, and prayers. I was always getting angry with my husband for not communicating to me while we have disagreements in the house. We are from different backgrounds I am a Kenyan and he is a Nigerian. I found out that what I viewed as marriage was not what I was passing through and this really used to torment me.

Being from different backgrounds and cultures doe not mean you cannot have a happy home, all it take as I said is patience and prayers. I used to prayer each time that God should change him and let him understand me. But one day I realized that the prayer that I should be making is that God change me, to have peace in my house.

I also check out different blogs and webpages regarding christian marriages and got a lot of advice.

Always seek for advice in the christian way for your marriage as this is the right advice. Worldly advice only brings pains and heartbreak.

Now my home is happy and thank God for such pages that are dedicated for marriages I can say that I love my husband 1000 times more than we met and him on the hand just adores me as now I make sure that we communicate well and he sees how much I have changed and this has given us peace thanks be to the mighty God.

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Contributed by a concerned fan.

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