wife-or-womanIt is not every woman that is qualified to be a wife, being a wife is much more complex than to be an ordinary woman. A wife is woman but not every woman is a wife material. A Wife’s position can be likened to a pleasant fragrant, salt and sweet taste which must not lose her value. A wife is an important personnel and backbone of every home. You are there to give life, love, care and wonderful touches to the life of your husband and children. Family life is more enjoyable with a woman of integrity- a wife. It is not every married woman that performs the role of a wife. Any woman that fails in her duties at home is no more a wife. A wife is a female adult that knows she has husband to care for. The word “wife” is a title given to an extraordinary woman, who values her position and stand up to her responsibilities at when due. Although the position is more than a title but character influence over her home. As a single lady, don’t prepare yourself to be one of the women in marriage, but a wife to be.

What do you do to transcend from an ordinary woman to a responsible wife:

1. Respect your husband
2. Realize yourself as a prayer warrior of the family
3. To be an outstanding wife, you have to endure many things so that you can enjoy many things
4. Don’t substitute the love of your husband with your children
5. Be a caring mother
6. Be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of your husband
7. Create time for your home no matter how tight your schedule may be
8. Be diligent, moderate and polite
9. Always pay homage to your in-laws
10. Let courtesy guide you always
11. Be very neat
12. Be reserved and have limited friends
13. Don’t be a trouble maker in the street
14. Always be ready to make peace with your husband
15. When you are hurt, don’t deny him what you suppose to give to him

Food for thought: if your husband were to repay your dowry, will he add to it or subtract from it? He can only add to it base on your contributions in his life. Before you can see the glory of revival in your marriage, you have your roles to play as a wife.

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