4 Tips to Spice Up Your Married Sex Life

Flirt with your husband

Although it’s done consciously, most women stop flirting once they’re in a committed relationship. Who says you can’t flirt? You’re married, not dead! Just because you’re married it doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel desired by others. It’s human nature to want that! And it’s also human nature for you to desire others – but since you’re in a deeply committed relationship, that’s where it stops. So, a bit of light flirting will really fuel your fire, boost your confidence and affirm just how sexy you feel, and then bring all that home to your husband and your marital bed.

Hot tub for two
Create a seductive bath ritual! Another way to adore your whole body is to submerge it. Often we’re in such a rush with our beauty rituals that we opt for quick showers, and forget about the seductive experience of having a bath. The bathtub is a phenomenal place to escape from the world, to release life’s cares, and to get in touch with your relaxed sexy self, especially if you invite your husband to join you.

Talk dirty to each other
When it comes to sexy talk, people will often clam up and think, ‘I can’t do that!’, but it’s really just another way to express yourself in the bedroom. Women can use lingerie or just their voice. Women can be soft and sleek and still a little naughty, or racy and raunchy and way out there, and anywhere in the middle! It’s really just another way to heighten foreplay, add adventure, and actually get what you want in bed. A lot of women are afraid to ask for what they want, and it’s important to translate what feels good and what’s going to bring you satisfaction into words. Doing that in a fun, sexy, and frisky way is dirty talk! Who knows you may just discover a little bit of your inner bad girl.

Turn your bedroom in a boudoir
Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary, a place that you escape to… an oasis. When you turn your bedroom into an oasis for seduction, you’ll find that you both want to spend more time there – together.

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